Wednesday, August 20, 2014

For Fallon (Chicago Syndicate #1) by Soraya Naomi

Title: For Fallon
Author: Soraya Naomi
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Publication Date:   July 26, 2014
Kindle: 264 pages

We all have a façade, a concealed mask we wear to portray ourselves to the world. 

Fallon’s mask is real, what you see is what you get. Growing up with two loving parents in Chicago, graduating in Chicago, and now working a job she loves, she enjoys her life. 

Her untarnished world is shaken when Luca crosses her path. 

Luca’s mask is tightly controlled. Distrust, rivalry, and violence rule his life.

When confronted with insecurities, when the one you love wears his mask perfectly, when your life unravels and you don’t know why, do you keep trusting the person you love? 

Everyone has a façade. Everyone has an ulterior motive.

Review: Let’s talk about the Prologue for just a second. I have to admit it was one of the better ones I’ve read lately. It drew me in, and I was excited to actually begin the story. Unfortunately, it didn't really grab my interest until somewhere between the 50% - 60% mark, which in my opinion took too long. It was a lot of “yeah … been there, read that …. yada yada yada. I like that it isn’t one of those insta-love books, there is a lot of character and relationship building and I enjoyed that very much. I also like the fact that their love story is told from alternating POVs it helps to understand the characters better. I felt their passion, the sense of heartbreak, and betrayal. There were twist and turns that pulled me in but untimely the plot was just okay.
Of course I didn’t get my happy ending as expected and I am ok with that, I am looking forward to book 2 that releases in the fall. Luca (just the name makes me hot) is one sexy piece of man candy and I cannot wait to dive in and find out more.

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Meet the Author: 

Soraya Naomi resides in Europe with her entrepreneur fiancé. She attended university in The Netherlands.

Although she reads many genres, she favors intense, dark, seductive, and provocative novels where the male character loves fiercely without remorse or boundaries. 

She has a passionate obsession for the written word and indulges in chocolate pastries much too often.

"There are books full of great writing that don't have very good stories. Read sometimes for the story... don't be like the book-snobs who won't do that.
Read sometimes for the words--the language. Don't be like the play-it-safers who won't do that. But when you find a book that has both a good story and good words, treasure that book." ― Stephen King

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