Monday, August 4, 2014

Unsettled by S.C. Ellington

Title: Unsettled
Author: S.C. Ellington
Genre: Contemporary Romance 5 users
Publication Date: December 3, 2013
Kindle: 225 pages

After a horrific breakup with her longtime boyfriend, Brooklyn Caldwell is completely disenchanted with the notion of mingling with the opposite sex. Damon Williams had been everything she thought she wanted…until he wasn’t. 

In an attempt to escape her heartbreaking past, Brooklyn seeks refuge in bustling Washington, D.C. where she folds into the fast-paced society unnoticed…until she meets a young entrepreneur, Logan Colton. 

Brooklyn is surprised to find that while she has been successful in keeping the opposite sex at bay, somehow she is defenseless against Logan’s confidence and charm—and it doesn’t hurt that he is absurdly beautiful. 

As much as Logan didn’t plan on pursuing her, he is drawn to Brooklyn’s muted beauty and her witty persona. For all his success, Logan is ensnared in the coveted world of unequivocal wealth and power, but behind closed doors is taunted by demons and an undeniable need to atone for a monumental mistake. 

As the two embark on a tumultuous obstacle course saturated with unknown twists and turns, Brooklyn is left to question whether she can endure the journey ahead. 

"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: It goes on. - Robert Frost

That quote is one of the first things that drifted through my mind as I was reading.

Meet Brooklyn: She is sassy, and funny but is emotionally scarred from a past relationship. She doesn't let anyone in and isn't interested in dating for fear of getting hurt again. That is until she literally runs into Logan Colton bajillionaire extraordinaire. 

She is hesitant at first, but there is just something about Logan she can't resist. She makes him work for it and he turns out to be something she didn't expect. Those walls she worked years on building are slowly starting to come down, she begins to trust, believe and put her past behind her. 

Her life now full of happiness, she has fallen and fallen hard. Then she attends a gala with Logan and meets his parents, but while using the restroom she overhears a conversation that feeds right into her insecurity. Can it be true, has she been tricked?

dun dun dun .... Hope ya' didn't think you'd get an answer cause you're going to have to wait until the next book. I for one can't wait!!

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